Sep 28

Are you using job boards?

Bill Boorman has been looking at a recent UK job market review published by Evenbase. It is really written for recruiters but we can find some useful information there like:

The growth in hiring is coming from companies with under 50 employees. Smaller companies are more agile to change, responding to changing market demands and technology. Smaller companies will also contain a good % of technology start ups in the last 3 years who were set up and built with the new economy in mind. Those that are proving successful will be the ones hiring for growth.

CV uploads up by 9% to job boards. In the last report from Evenbase, there was a big increase in the time employers were spending searching the (job boards) database. This increase could be an extension of this. As job seekers have got results from being on the database, so news spreads.

You can read his full report on his blog.

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