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Apr 01

Who is happy in their work?

Job satisfaction isn’t all about earning good money (though of course that can help). Looking at our list of jobs that give a good sense of fulfillment could make you happy for life! You’ll find it here. The list is sorted by satisfaction and on a second tab by earnings.

Oct 11

If you want to earn good money

Development Director

Employers need workers – the right type of workers. What happens if there aren’t enough of the right kind of people? Well, if you have the qualifications they’re looking for, it’s probably going to be pretty easy to find work – and the wages aren’t going to be lowered by lots of people chasing after …

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Oct 03

Girls love physics

  …. so why don’t they study it?   Nearly half of all state schools in England do not send any girls on to study A-level physics, research by the Institute of Physics (IOP) has found. The IOP study indicates that the situation is likely to be similar in schools across the UK. Girls were …

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Jul 25

BBC careers events

Screen shot 2012-07-25 at 10.46.00

Like many employers, the BBC encourages people with an interest in working for them to get in touch when they are still young. Here’s a few places you can find out how.