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Oct 07

Do I need a food safety or food hygiene certificate to work in a kitchen?

Experienced private chef, Hattie, explains how she has to regularly update her food safety certificate for agency work. A lot of it is commonsense but she believes any professional cook usually finds something useful from the refresher course. View the full interview with Hattie here.

May 21

Getting a foot in the door

Georgia who wanted to be an estate agent was given some good advice But she had to get her foot in the door first. Off the cutting-room floor is a series of short clippings that didn’t make the final edit but are still too good to loose forever. Georgia’s full interview can be found …

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Oct 11

If you want to earn good money

Development Director

Employers need workers – the right type of workers. What happens if there aren’t enough of the right kind of people? Well, if you have the qualifications they’re looking for, it’s probably going to be pretty easy to find work – and the wages aren’t going to be lowered by lots of people chasing after …

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Jun 04

What is the person reading your CV looking for?

Georgina has worked for a Design and Banding agency for a year. Recently they were looking to hire an Account Exec. In this clip off the cutting room floor she says what she was looking for when deciding who to interview. The full interview can be found here

Oct 02

Confessions of a Journalism Graduate

What if you don’t get your dream job? In a blog post Amy from BubbleJobs offers some good advice to Journalism students. OK, so your lecturers told you that the industry was extremely competitive but they also told you that if you had a lot of work experience under your belt, a great degree and …

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Jul 04

Minerva Pathway

Minerva Pathway is an innovative new project which aims to unlock access to a professional career for talented, aspirational graduates experiencing multiple disadvantages. At the core of the Minerva Pathway mission is the aspiration to provide graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds not only with the skills to develop their own career, but also with the tools …

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Jun 01

Gap year work – Chalet Host

This is the first in a Made by You series of people talking about gap year work. Gini talks about work in a ski resort as a Seasonaire and how she worked in a hotel the previous summer to get the necessary experience.