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Oct 12

Oxbridge – why are state school candidates less successful?

Your chances of getting in to Oxford or Cambridge depend on what subject you’ve chosen. A popular course like medicine or law is likely to attract far more candidates than classics or chemistry. This explains, in part, says Oxford, why state school students are less successful than their privately educated peers: On average, 36% of …

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Apr 19

How to boost your chances of a place at a top university.

Read more. Sounds unglamorous, but it’s true. Simply put, time spent reading will dramatically increase your chances of getting a place at Oxford or Cambridge. At the recent UCAS Higher Education conference Paul Teulon, Head of Student Recruitment at Oxford University said that when he speaks in schools to prospective Sixth Form applicants he asks …

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Apr 16

Nearly three-quarters of UK Millionaires went to state school

Skandia Millionaires Monitor 2012

Skandia Millionaires Monitor 2012 Russell Group universities dominate the establishments that have delivered the most UK millionaires, regardless of whether they came through state or private school education, according to the latest research in Skandia’s Millionaire Monitor+ report.