May 16

Chinese Students hooked up to IV drips to boost energy and concentration

In the United Kingdom we have SATS. In China, they have the equivalent in the Gaokao.

During the final year of high school, or earlier if they are so inclined, Chinese students must take this test if they plan to attend to college. For many rural families, this is the only opportunity their child will have to better their life, leading to extreme pressure to do well.

Teenagers at the Xiaogan High School, in Hubei province, were photographed studying while attached to IV fluids.

Education bosses have defended the unusual practice, with the director of the Office of Academic Affairs telling ChinaNews24 that the amino acids administered in the drips help the students study.

“The state grants a 10-yuan subsidy for amino acids to each graduating senior that will participate in the Gaokao (National College Entrance Exam),” Mr Xia said.

“Any student that feels not well can go to the infirmary and take amino acids on the IV drip.”

To make things easier for the students, they are allowed to bring the drips into their classroom so they can continue studying.

The entrance exams take place in June and allow students to apply to their chosen college if their marks are up to scratch.

chinese students use IVs

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