Oct 11

If you want to earn good money

Employers need workers – the right type of workers. What happens if there aren’t enough of the right kind of people? Well, if you have the qualifications they’re looking for, it’s probably going to be pretty easy to find work – and the wages aren’t going to be lowered by lots of people chasing after each job.

So do we know where there are going to be skill shortages in 2020? Yes we do. And are they going to be dull jobs that no one else wants to do? Not a bit!

Product Manager

A report by Education and Employers Taskforce gives a good idea of where the skill shortages will be. It reasons that large numbers of young people want to work in jobs where there simply won’t be many opportunities. And the authors are worried that these people will have to retrain after they leave full time education in order to get more relevant qualifications.

How Careers4u.tv helps

So what are the areas with the predicted skill shortages and which are the jobs that are going to be hard to get? We’ve listed them below and, if you scroll down the page, you can watch videos of people describing what it’s like working in that job and why they enjoy it.

Taking a look at some of the jobs in these areas will probably surprise you.  Find one you like the sound of and you can choose the best type of courses to study to set yourself in the right direction.

A job you enjoy that pays well – isn’t that what everyone needs?

Lots of work with skill shortages predicted

Fewer jobs but skill shortages predicted

  • Process, plant and machine operatives
  • Science, engineering and technology associate professionals
  • Skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades

Few opportunities but massive interest in finding work in this field

  • Culture, media and sports occupations
  • Health professionals
  • Protective service occupations

More opportunities but people interested in finding work in this field far outstrips demand

  • Business, media and public service professionals
  • Science, research, engineering and technology professionals
  • Textiles, printing and other skilled trades


Examples of corporate managers and directors:

  Development Director                  HR Manager                              Product Manager

Examples of elementary administration and service occupations:

  Barristers’ Clerk                               Payroll Assistant                              Diary Administration Officer

Examples of caring personal service occupations:


  Social Worker                               Sports Inclusion Officer                 Occupational Therapy Worker

Examples of Administrative occupations:


  Social Housing Administrator       Events Administrator                    Legal Management PA


 Fewer jobs but still with skill shortages predicted

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