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Oct 15

An architect describes the various stages of a building project

How many stages are there to a building project? In this clip off the cutting room floor Vicky, a recently qualified architect runs through them. (we make it seven) You can see Vicky’s full interview here.

May 19

Sleepwalking to Uni?

Over 26,000 students dropped out of university in the last academic year.  This, says Mary Curnock Cook, the chief executive of UCAS, is due to too many teenagers ‘sleepwalking’ into university and not researching their degree courses sufficiently. “Stumbling from school into university without having found a course that energises you could mean you don’t …

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Apr 01

Who is happy in their work?

Job satisfaction isn’t all about earning good money (though of course that can help). Looking at our list of jobs that give a good sense of fulfillment could make you happy for life! You’ll find it here. The list is sorted by satisfaction and on a second tab by earnings.

Oct 11

If you want to earn good money

Development Director

Employers need workers – the right type of workers. What happens if there aren’t enough of the right kind of people? Well, if you have the qualifications they’re looking for, it’s probably going to be pretty easy to find work – and the wages aren’t going to be lowered by lots of people chasing after …

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Oct 24

Work experience in top companies


GoThinkBig.co.uk which was launched yesterday, hopes to offer up to 30,000 work experience and skills opportunities for 14-25-year-olds in the UK over the next three years. The companies O2 and Bauer Media who have jointly created the website are asking other employers to make their own work skills opportunities available through the new scheme. GoThinkBig …

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Oct 02

Confessions of a Journalism Graduate

What if you don’t get your dream job? In a blog post Amy from BubbleJobs offers some good advice to Journalism students. OK, so your lecturers told you that the industry was extremely competitive but they also told you that if you had a lot of work experience under your belt, a great degree and …

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Sep 07

Getting an internship

Mike who works at a bank as a Credit Risk Analyst, talks about how he set about getting the internship that led to his job. Off the cutting-room floor is a series of short clippings that didn’t make the final Careers4u.tv edit but are still too good to loose forever. Mike’s full interview can be …

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Apr 17

GP doctor or hospital doctor?


Cordelia (aged 31) is a doctor, seconded from the NHS to work as Clinical Advisor to the President of the Royal College of Physicians as part of the Chief Medical Officer’s Clinical Advisors Scheme.  She misses working directly with patients but she enjoys the variety of projects and the opportunities to work with people who …

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